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IntraDay trading in commodities simply means exclusively employed mechanical methods of entering the liquid commodity market for buying and selling of stocks and then simply exiting at the day's end. Even though at the end of the day there has trading of commodities happening, there has not been any net change in the position of the stocks. This means that for every share that has been sold, an equivalent share has been bought. So how is there a gain or the loss in trading? A gain or a loss is usually made on the difference between the sale and purchase prices of these commodities.


Day trading in commodities is one of the best ways of improving your success rates and earning big profits according to studies. But you also need to realize that success also depends on luck and the market forces. The basic method that is employed while day trading in commodities is getting to know early in the morning what the likely trend of the commodity market is going to be. When the trend has been determined, you enter the market and make an exit only when you achieve of these targets of exiting; the target profit has been achieved, a loss has been incurred or you exit with sufficient profit in your hands.


Intraday Day Trading Commodity Advice - MCX Tips


Day trading in commodities is not characteristically risky; it becomes as risky as you make it to be. Its fundamentals are quite similar to gambling. But a person who is disciplined on the other hand and has been following the trends of the market with enough capital to back him up can expect good returns if he enters the market. The rate of returns can also go as high about 25 to 50 % a year. The only trouble with futures day trading is cost of transaction of slippage and commission. They can eat away a major chunk of the profit that you make at the end of the day.


The basic work of a intraday trader is buy stocks that fluctuate more than average so that their value shoots up enabling the trader to earn money. This means they have the ability to earn a lot of money in a day if things go their way. But they also need to keep an eye on the current volatile situations of the market and act accordingly. A day trader usually follows some rules in order to make money in commodities trading.


One of the simplest and foremost measures taken is to set up a well-funded account. This means that the more money you have in your account, more are your chances of emerging successful. A well-funded account enables you to have a margin for error. Secondly, it is imperative that they don't over-leverage their account. When people begin trading in the morning, they usually prefer the lowest margin for what they are buying. This is a common strategy but people shouldn't overdo it.

Lastly, a good trader knows that the commodity market is not a space to get rich quickly as there is no such scheme present in any industry. Trading needs practice and should be handled with diligence.


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