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NCDEX Commodity Tips

To put it simply, the NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd.) is an online multi-commodity exchange market which is professionally run and is promoted and favoured by many national level institutions. This unique collaboration allows the NCDEX to a plethora of benefits to its investors which is otherwise short in the commodity markets. Apart from the NCDEX in India, there is the MCX or the Multi Commodity Exchange market which holds significance in the Indian markets.

MCX India was setup in India in the year 2003 and is mostly engaged in future trading of many commodities. It mostly trades in agricultural commodities, Ferrous and non-Ferrous metals, Bullion, Oil and oil seeds, pulses, plantations, energy, spices and many other soft commodities. While NCDEX is the online commodity exchange based in India with its main centre in Mumbai.

NCDEX was initially incorporated as a private company free from the government but is now a public limited company. Overall, it has more than 550 centres in India and it trades in 57 commodities like metals, agricultural commodities, base and ferrous metals, polymers, etc. The NCDEX is currently regulated by the FMC or Future Trading in Commodities.

One of the major trading commodity that the NCDEX deals in are the metals. The recent market trends have shown that there is a constantly increasing interest in the silver and gold markets in India. Many people actually believe that investment in gold and silver is a better investment option than simply depositing money in their banks as savings.

There are many things to keep in mind when you are trading in either of the commodities market. These tips are very helpful in earning that profit that accompanies a good trading session. Also these tips are helpful for those novices who are new to trading commodities in India thus protecting them from losses.


  1. One of the most common tips that anyone can give you is to buy low and sell high. This might sound like an easy one but there are many investors and traders who end up doing the exact opposite. But you should realize that the success or the failure of your investment depends entirely this concept.
  2. Have you heard of the phrase, what goes up has to come down in the end? This also is true of stocks and commodities in the market. Every market follows a trend and that means that the prices of commodities would rise and fall accordingly. Usually the prices of commodities don’t fall steeply as compared to stocks; therefore it is a better option to invest in commodities than stocks.
  3. One of the only real things about the market is the price of the commodities you are dealing in. This means that to earn profits you need to invest sizeable chunks of money too. Also you need to remember that market corrections are usually right and should be followed therefore.
  4. Traders need to understand that any kind of world news and events has the ability to affect the markets. So if you want to earn money, you need to keep a check on what is going on with the world markets at large.
These NCDEX and MCX tips would help you in trading in the commodities market Also there is an concept of intraday trading in commodities which simply means exclusively employed mechanical methods of entering the liquid commodity market for buying and selling of stocks and then simply exiting at the day’s end. Even though at the end of the day there has trading of commodities happening, there has not been any net change in the position of the stocks. This means that for every share that has been sold, an equivalent share has been bought. So how is there a gain or the loss in trading? A gain or a loss is usually made on the difference between the sale and purchase prices of these commodities.


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